Relaying a Foundation.

Architectural Granite & Marble

Brand Messaging, Tagline, Brochures, Packaging, Invitations, PR and Website

Architectural Granite & Marble (AG&M), a leading national stone supply company, has recently undergone a remarkable period of growth. However, amidst this rapid expansion, their marketing program has been neglected and is in need of revitalization.

To address this challenge, we have developed a comprehensive marketing plan for AG&M, which encompasses re-branding and repositioning efforts. As part of this strategy, we have crafted a fresh and compelling tagline: “Worldwide Sources. World-class Service.” This succinct phrase captures the essence of AG&M’s commitment to sourcing high-quality stone from around the globe while providing exceptional customer service.

In addition to the rebranding, we have undertaken the redesign and development of AG&M's website, creating a dynamic online platform that showcases its extensive product range and expertise. We have also created new product brochures, sample boxes, invitations, and product stickers, among other collateral, to ensure a cohesive and professional brand presence across various touch points.

As a result of these initiatives, AG&M has successfully shed its “under the radar” local image and has rightfully emerged as the fifth-largest stone distributor in the nation. The AG&M brand now exudes confidence and professionalism, positioning the company as an industry leader that customers can rely on for their stone supply needs.

Seven weeks to show time.

SpineSmith Partners, LLP

Brand Messaging, Trade Show Booth Graphics, Introductory Brochures, Product Inserts, PR and Website

SpineSmith Partners, LLP faced the challenge of establishing a national presence from scratch, targeting spine surgeons at the prestigious National Association of Spine Surgeons (NASS) Convention in Austin, Texas. Our team embarked on a comprehensive journey to develop a compelling brand message and create an impactful suite of promotional tools, aiming to position SpineSmith as a trusted and respected player in the industry.

We began by crafting a meaningful and concise brand message that effectively conveyed SpineSmith's unique value proposition. With this foundation in place, we designed and produced a range of promotional materials tailored specifically for the convention. These included attention-grabbing graphics for a captivating trade show booth, a comprehensive capabilities brochure, engaging product inserts, and a robust website.

Our diligent efforts yielded impressive results. The eye-catching graphics immediately drew the attention of attendees, leading to a steady flow of traffic to the SpineSmith booth. This increased footfall provided valuable opportunities for the sales team to engage with prospects, initiate meaningful conversations, and distribute marketing materials. The audience proved highly receptive to SpineSmith's offerings, resulting in a full booth and a satisfied client.

The impact of SpineSmith's presence at the NASS Convention was widely recognized, with one esteemed industry analyst describing it as “impactful and relevant.” Our swift and effective actions succeeded in creating a professional and established brand image for SpineSmith, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Building for Success.

Hutto Economic Development Corporation

Rebranding, Tagline, Trade Show Materials, Targeted Advertisements, Collateral Materials, PR and Website

Recognizing the need to rebuild its brand on a regional and national scale, the Hutto Economic Development Corporation (EDC) embarked on a long-term approach to establish a more sophisticated and impactful marketing presence. With the city experiencing an astounding growth rate of over 600% in the past five years, it was crucial for the Hutto EDC's marketing materials to reflect this dynamic progress.

The primary objectives were clear: attract and retain new businesses and industries while effectively targeting site selection consultants, developers, and select industries. To achieve these goals, a comprehensive marketing program was implemented, starting with the rebranding and repositioning of the Hutto EDC.

Central to this effort was the development of a perfectly positioned tagline, "Conveniently Connected." which succinctly communicated Hutto's unique value proposition. Alongside this, a revitalized logo was created to reflect the city's growth and potential. The rebranding initiative extended beyond these elements, encompassing the creation of a new website, targeted advertisements, trade-show materials, and a diverse range of collateral materials.

The results of this transformation were significant. Hutto not only maintained its status as the fastest-growing city in Texas but also established a brand positioning that successfully garnered investor interest. The newly crafted marketing materials played a pivotal role in this achievement, elevating the Hutto EDC to the distinction of being the first economic development corporation in Central Texas to receive accreditation from the esteemed International Economic Development Council.

With this milestone and a strategic marketing foundation in place, Hutto is well-equipped to continue its growth trajectory and attract further investment. The city's revitalized brand presence and professional marketing materials serve as powerful tools to convey its potential to prospective businesses and industries.