5 Design Trends to Watch in 2023

David HassmannBranding, Uncategorized

As we dive into the vibrant world of design, it’s essential to keep an eye on the ever-changing trends that define our visual landscape. Whether you’re a designer looking for inspiration or a business owner seeking to revamp your rtp brand, these five design trends are dominating the scene in 2023. From lively color palettes to innovative typography, here’s what you need to know to stay ahead in the creative game.

  1. Acidic Hues: A Splash of Youthful Energy

In the race to connect with Gen Z and attract new customers, brands are embracing the power of acidic hues. These sharp, bright colors are super saturated, impossible to ignore, and inherently fun. Think attention-grabbing slot garansi kekalahan 100 yellows, greens, and purples that exude a youthful energy across various sectors.

A perfect example of this trend can be seen in the rebrand of the fintech brand Bolt. Instead of sticking with the conventional blue seen in finance branding, Bolt opted for an unapologetically youthful acidic yellow color palette. In the food and drink industry, 7UP also joined the trend with a saturated, neon-inspired color palette that breathes new life into their brand.

  1. Loosely Interpreted Letter Marks: A Fresh Perspective

In 2023, logo design is taking a fascinating turn with brands exploring loosely interpreted letter marks. Designers are breaking free from traditional expectations of legibility, using geometric shapes and white space to create patterns out of letter forms. This approach adds a new dimension to logo design, capturing attention and curiosity.

Take the new Nokia logo, for instance, which cleverly combines lighter, abstract shapes to spell out “Nokia” only when seen together. This visual distance symbolizes the company’s strategic shift towards a fresh, future-facing direction, particularly in the B2B and enterprise space. EA Sports FC also embraces this trend, using abstract letter forms to craft their distinct logo.

  1. Illustrated Ingredients: A Taste of Transparency

Food and drink brands are aztec gems slot embracing a packaging design trend that spotlights illustrated ingredients in punchy color palettes. This move creates a visually striking and transparent connection with consumers. Major brands like Pepsi and Fanta are leading the charge with impactful rebrands that place ingredients front and center.

Fanta’s consistent global brand rollout, for example, showcases bold and unapologetically bright designs, capturing attention in a sea of competitors. Similarly, Robinsons refreshed its iconic squash products with visually appealing fruit illustrations, simplified logos, and bold color palettes.

  1. Vintage Serifs: Nostalgic Elegance

Serif fonts are making a comeback in 2023, offering a classic, familiar sense of nostalgia in the digital era. Whether tall and narrow or subtly delicate, vintage serifs provide a way for established brands to nod to their rich heritage. Nostalgia is a prevailing theme this year, and serif fonts are an effective way to create a connection with consumers.

Burberry’s recent logo evolution is a prime example of this trend. By reintroducing a subtle and elegant serif font and incorporating the Equestrian Knight Design from 1901, Burberry connects to its British heritage while maintaining a striking contemporary appeal. The National Portrait Gallery also unveiled a stunning new brand system featuring a striking tall, vintage serif that embodies its rich history and diversity.

  1. Distorted Fonts: Breaking the Mold

Typography takes center stage in 2023 with distorted fonts challenging the status quo. Breaking away from the blandification of logo marks, these innovative typography designs react to music and sound, creating an audio-responsive logo experience. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s new brand identity, with its Acid House color palette, exemplifies this trend and appeals particularly to younger generations.

The design world in 2023 is an exciting and dynamic space, filled with daring color choices, innovative typography, and a touch of nostalgia. Whether you’re a designer or a business owner, incorporating these trends into your creative projects can help your brand stand out in a rapidly evolving market. Embrace the bold and the beautiful, and let your creativity flourish in this new era of design.