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would it be required to have a wideband filter for bandwidth
this posting is probably going to be really easy.

there is probably a better way to write it.

I used 4- to 10-micron.

the best way to write it is to say that.

it all depends on the type of media being used.

I would not use one for lossy formats since it will cause quality loss
that you might not realize.

8- to 10-micron is an educated guess.

what you should look for is attenuation.

and that is just nitpicking.

and you had stated that your preferred method was
to use a galvanic coating.

then I would go with 4-10 micron and hope for the best.

pretty much all the best I have ever seen have been in the 4-8 micron range

I think the best bet is to use the accepted guidelines of
minimizing reflection as opposed to attenuation.

I think that you need to do some investigating.

this includes a variety of different metals and coatings.

from my experience, I have been burned using attenuators that were way too coarse

I used 4- to 10-micron.

my guess is that you are going to end up with
a far superior sound if you go with a higher number.

I would say that you need to learn enough to know
if the coating will stand up to what you are going to
use it for.

If you want a qualified opinion, I would suggest
that you ask the audio experts at AES or their

4- to 8-micron would be a safe bet.

8- to 10-micron would work great if it looks
like it would stand up to what you will be using it for.

At least that is what I would do.

I have been burned by using titanium for DI boxes
and getter foams.

Basically, if there is any reflectivity, you have picked the wrong type
of damping.

I think that you need to do some investigating.

and I am not sure that that is just nitpicking.

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Where can I go for something like that, both simple and advanced guidance on best practices, or at least to at least start the game-plan?

I am so sorry that you are experiencing these issues with your son. It is important that you seek help for your child to help address all of his needs that are not being met.

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