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The Tarnished Empire is losing its power and the glory of past years due to wars and destruction. The great cities of the Golden Light, the legendary Elden City, the mighty Desert Kings, and the many Elden Lords have fallen from the Land of Elden. With the great Elden King, Oreth, dead, the demon-worshipping Criena, a descendant of the traitor Artura, and the dragon-possessed Cossach, have seized power to destroy the land and force the Alliance, an alliance of noblemen led by Prince Jeggram and Colwyn, to join them and fight against the Elden Empire.

The Alliance, once the best fighting force in the realm, has been torn apart. Colwyn, its legendary leader, is nowhere to be seen. A large number of mercenary forces, led by Clow, the youngest son of Jeggram, have come to the Land of Elden to save the Alliance. The Alliance rides on the backs of the fearless Clow and his son, Arramus, as they set off on a journey to take back the continent.


In the Lands Between, there are four magnificent lands: the Behelit Lands, the Woodlands, the Meridellos, and the Black Elceah.

The Behelit Lands are the Land of Clarity. The Battle of the Blue Sun was a struggle between the Elden and Gebel Empire for control of the Behelit Lands. After the Elden King, Oreth, died, Criena, a descendant of the traitor Artura, who had worked alongside Oreth for many years, seized power. Criena concentrated her power in the land of Elden and, in order to consolidate her power, she began to make preparations to commit genocide.

But, in exchange for her power, the evil goddess, Balor, promised Criena all the Elden’s power and intelligence. Thus, a huge army of evil monsters joined together in a huge assault on the land of Elden.

The Elden Empire, a powerful force led by the Elder Zyran, protected the lands of Elden, but in order to defend the land, they were forced to withdraw a great deal of their forces. During the retreat from the land of Elden, the power of the Elden Empire was greatly weakened and most of the cities, the elder lords, and the


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Fantasy Setting – In a fantasy setting where groups of elves, humans and creatures known as mages exist, it is a world that is divided into four groups. You can develop each group. Each group consists of five classes associated with the color of the magic rings they wield, and the colors correspond with the groups’ attributes. You can upgrade the magic of the attacks and abilities that correspond to your class.
  • Iconic Opening Scene – The path to becoming an Elden Lord begins with a dream of a person named Astala.
  • Customization – In addition to gear and weapon items, you can change your character’s appearance by designing and combining armor, and add individual body, eye, and hair colors; you can find alternative stats as well.
  • Elden Ring System Features:

    • System – The game is played through the actions of the player character(PC), the classes based on colors, the items, and spells that you equip or use, and an assortment of other actions.
    • Battle System – A system of timing your action. Up to three actions are possible every turn. You can choose, for example, to double attack on the enemy, or deal a stunning blow that deals double damage.
    • Map – There are two types of maps: those that cover tiles during the battle and those that show the entire map. Map tiles can also be configurable between either 1×1 or 4×4. In different battle modes, you can navigate toward the enemy or gather items in order to gain a strategic advantage.
    • Magical Awakening System – While playing the game, you level up the attributes of your skills and stats by equipping items that enhance your attributes. Out of battle, you can allocate points to advance your attributes to increase your stats. You can also leave the class that corresponds to your currently equipped classes and switch to another class to advance your skills and attributes.
    • Goal System – If you have an item that increases your attributes, when enemies, objects or allies appear on the map, the game conditions are met, and you can advance that item. By changing your class and changing the weapons that correspond to your class, you can strengthen yourself through play.
    • Map Viewing System – This system allows you to


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      1. October 19, 2019

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      Download Elden Ring [32|64bit]

      1. Install and run ELDEN RING
      2. Go to Start >> All Programs >> ELDEN RING
      3. Open ELDEN RING shortcut from Start >> All Programs >> ELDEN RING
      4. Choose “Install”
      5. Choose “Kernel”
      6. Make sure you select “Install”, and click “Next”
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      16. Click “Next”
      17. Press “Copy” and paste “ELDEN RING.exe” to “OUTBOX OF THE CLIPBOARD”
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      19. Delete “ELDEN RING.exe” you extracted earlier
      20. Launch “ELDEN RING”
      21. Click “Yes” to get started
      22. Launch “ELDEN RING 2 KERNLANGER.EXE”
      23. Choose “EXE”
      24. Press “Next”
      25. Choose “Done”
      26. Go to game options, and click “CD-Key”
      27. Paste the “OLD CD-Key” into the “NEW CD-Key” text field
      28. Press “OK”
      29. Finish installation
      30. Go to the “OLD CD-Key” and open it
      31. Open ELDEN RING
      32. Connect via LAN or internet to another computer
      33. Go to game options, and click “CD-Key”


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