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Nowadays, we kind of take GUIs for granted and we surely expect everything that is software-related to look as sleek and as inviting as possible. This, of course, makes it a bit difficult for most of us to imagine that CLI-based applications used to be the norm back in the day.
Started in 1997 by a man named Uwe Herklotz and rightfully associated with the term of "super compressor," UHARC is one of the best compression tools to date. Being a commandline-based utility, there's no surprise that, to make it a bit more accessible, the archiver has been at the base of a few GUI-based projects through the years, the most popular of which are definitely UHARC GUI and WinUHA.
Be that as it may, at least in theory, you don't need a GUI to make a piece of software user-friendly and efficient, and UHARC CMD proves this point perfectly.
Easy installation and convenient Windows integration
In just a few words, UHARC CMD is a lightweight and extremely efficient piece of software that brings the full functionality of UHARC, directly within the Windows Shell.
Deploying UHARC CMD on your computer's system, regardless of what you might initially believe, is reduced to just a few simple mouse clicks, thanks to its intuitive installer. UHARC CMD makes its presence know by smoothly integrating with Windows Explorer's contextual menu.
Goof-proof workflow
Simply right-click any folder or file and you can effortlessly compress it with the minimum amount of fuss. Please note that you can also create password encrypted archives by selecting the "Securely Compress" option. Once the compression process has begun, the app displays a set of useful progress information within a CMD window.
If you plan on compressing bulky files, then you will definitely notice that the archiving speed is a bit slower than your typical, modern archive utility. The upside to all this is represented, of course, by the utility's impressive compression rates.
Minimal set of features for compressing and decompressing files
Last but not least, by right-clicking any UHARC package (UHA archive), the utility allows you to view a list of all the files within the archive, to decompress it or to convert it to SFX. The latter option should automatically transform the selected archive into an executable file that can be used to decompress the stored files to locations of your choosing.
Before we conclude, you should know that, quite surprisingly, UHARC CMD features a proper GUI for its Settings section. Having said this,  you can check for the latest updates (although, we doubt there will be any), set the compression rates and ask the app to exclude various file attributes of file types during the compression process.
The most convenient way to take advantage of everything UHARC has offer
To end with, UHARC CMD is without a doubt a very capable tool and it is probably the most efficient and most unobtrusive utility that makes use of UHARC's remarkable compression features. Therefore, if you are searching for the fastest way to use UHARC and barren looks and the lack of multi-language support are not of great importance to you, then, UHARC CMD might be exactly what you are looking for.







UHARC CMD Crack + With Product Key Free Download [April-2022]

A command-line tool that allows you to compress and decompress text files into an.UHA archive.
Support the UHA format. It works with Unicode and UTF-8 encoded text files.
Command line allows you to make several compressing/decompressing actions.
Compresses files while preserving their text properties.
There are several archiving options:
– A simple archive for normal text files (BZIP2)
– A simple archive for files with embedded non-ASCII text (Base64, MS-DOG, UTF8)
– A simple archive for UTF-8 text files (CP1153)
– A simple archive for files with UTF-8 and MS-DOS (CP850) text.
Can exclude files with specific attributes
Allows to exclude files from compression
Decompress a.UHA archive. You may decompress to a specified directory
The file sizes are saved in an.UHARC file. This archive can be reopened with our GUI
Decompress a.UHA archive from a file created with the GUI. You may decompress to a specified directory
May be used to send.UHA archives to UHARC GUI or to other app via commandline.
May be used to decompress a.UHA file to a file created with the GUI.
It is a non-GUI tool.

UHARC CMD Overview:

UHARC CMD Screenshot:


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When it comes to compression, UHARC is an archiver to be reckoned with. Its huge library of algorithms and the fact that the app is based on the RC4 stream cipher give the archiver the ability to compress files quickly and securely.
UHARC is completely configurable through the commandline. You can search through the tons of switches and use them to tailor the archiver to the needs of your specific job. You can specify what should and what shouldn’t be compressed, what the compression speed should be, and much, much more.
If you want to take UHARC for a spin, right-click on a folder, select Compress, and the archiver will begin working on compressing everything that it finds within the folder. You will notice that the number of files listed will increase quickly, and you can easily see the percentage of all the files in the folder that have been compressed, as well as the remaining percentage left to compress. You are free to cancel at any time, but you don’t have to.
Each file added to the archive will also be password protected, and the archiver will store the password right in the archive, so you can easily decompress it at a later time.
You can encrypt the archive so that only the person with the password can open it. As a result, even if your system is somehow lost or destroyed, your archive will always stay safe.
UHARC takes compression very seriously. If you have a very large compressed archive, the archiver will stop working as fast as it can and you will notice the speed of the compression. UHARC will also not use a read-only copy of the file, so a randomly generated password and the compression/decompression of the password into the archive are also not necessary.
Once your archive is ready, you can view all the files, and you can even open them with Windows Explorer. You can have all the files open in a window if you want, or you can simply convert the archive to an executable file that is ready to be double-clicked on to decompress the contents.
What’s even cooler, is that the executable file that you get will have the same settings as the archiver. As a result, you can even change the compression speed without having to recompress the archive.
There is support for SFX files, ZIP files, LZH files, 7-Zip archives and a bunch of other formats. You can easily convert the archive to,

UHARC CMD (Final 2022)

Quite possibly the most efficient, user-friendly and fully functional archiver for Windows ever!
Designed for Windows users, UHARC CMD isn’t just an archiving program. It’s also a fast textfile-compression tool with the most extensive features and best compression rates (a: 4.7 b: 2.1).
UHARC CMD offers the following features:
• Tab and Multi-language Interface: UHARC CMD is available in 7 different languages, which makes it one of the most sophisticated software applications of its kind ever.
• Compress files, folders or whole disks: Although it’s possible to compress a single file or a single folder, UHARC CMD also has a full-fledged, convenient system to quickly compress a whole disk.
• Password-protect archives: Absolutely no other archiving software (actually, there’s very few if any archivers at all) can offer UHARC CMD’s features on account of the integrity of the application.
• Extract archives: UHARC CMD is capable of extracting archived files, folders or whole disks and makes the difference between compressed files and real, unencrypted archives quite obvious.
• File information (e.g. file size, attributes, and so on): UHARC CMD offers more information than any other archiver out there. You can even change a file’s attributes, delete files, compress folders or burn a whole disk to a compact disk or to a blank DVD.
• High compression rates: Simply right-click a file and the most effective compression ratios are offered by UHARC CMD.
• Express Mode: While UHARC CMD is a powerful archiving application, it’s just as powerful as a compression application too, with the express mode fitting in like a glove!
• Translators: UHARC CMD also has translators ready to translate your files into up to 7 languages.
• Split archives into multiple files: If you don’t want your archive to grow and grow, then you’re in luck! UHARC CMD offers the option of splitting your archives into multiple files, so that your files will compress much faster than ever!
• Quick Compression Modes: UHARC CMD offers quite a few quick compression modes, ranging from the mild to the very aggressive, with which you can compress, files or complete disks with the touch of a button.
• Interactable Help Files: UHARC CMD

What’s New in the?

UHA/UARC is one of the best compression tools on the market, and it’s a command-line tool. Decompression takes advantage of LZW, LZ77, LZ78 (Lempel-Ziv) and LZH compressors (but no ZIP support).
It was originally released as version 7.2.2.
UHARC CMD Features:
Transmission-/Gnutella2000-based GUI
As usual, all the features are available in the GUI.
Compression and decompression
It starts a generic compress/decompress with LZW.
Password protecting archives
Decompress/compress archives
SFX files and FTP archives
Fixed naming
Options are LZW, LZ77, LZ78 (Lempel-Ziv), LZH or ZIP
Compression speed
The compression speed (compressed file size / decompression speed) is about 0.1% (in average),
Compression ratio
With LZ77 the compression ratio is about 90%. With ZIP it’s about 80%. With LZW it’s about 70%, LZ78 is about 60% and LZH is about 25%.
Undocumented and easy to use.
UHA/UARC GUI Features:
GUI in MS-DOS-style.
Support for ASCII-file names, GIF files and icon images (bmp, jpg, png).
Quick search for archives, files and archives.
Compression speed
UHA/UARC GUI is slower.
The reasons is that UHA/UARC GUI has several windows. To achieve bigger compression ratios the GUI uses several Compression methods.
GUI Compression Results:
UHA/UARC GUI compression speed:
Type of compression:
ZIP: 80%
LZW: 70%
LZ77: 90%
LZ78: 60%
LZH: 25%
UHA/UARC CMD Features:
Easy to use
UHA/UARC CMD Features in detail:
Compression results:
LZW: 70%
LZ77: 90%
LZ78: 60%
LZH: 25%
Adds graphical user interface for specific compression methods. See the documentation.
Adds FTP support for creation/access


System Requirements For UHARC CMD:

The minimum requirements for the game are as follows:
OS: Windows 7 (32/64bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5 2500K/AMD FX-8350
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760/AMD Radeon R9 280X
Hard Drive: 7GB of available space
DirectX: Version 11
Additional Notes: The graphics are very high quality with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. It can be run at lower resolutions with reduced quality if needed but be