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Kids Tables and time is a challenging and entertaining educational software that teaches counting, addition, subtraction, times tables, division and much more.
All in a fun packed game format, so that children will want to play again and again. Includes a speaking clock to teach your child to tell the time.
Games have a wide range of difficulty levels and are played against the clock to promote quick thinking. Includes a simple calculator and interactive times tables up to 12







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Kids Tables and Time includes a full range of activities to encourage children to develop their counting and time-related skills. The games range in difficulty from easy, such as counting forwards and backwards, and time remembering, to intermediate, for example: identifying times tables, adding and subtracting; and to advanced, for instance, dividing two numbers. Different ages can play each game at a different level of difficulty. For example, a child will be able to learn to subtract through the use of simple cards to help them remember. Then, he can progress to games in which the cards have more buttons.
The teaching is up to the individual child, so this program is suitable for all ages.
For every person who buys this program, the author has donated some money to a charity to help children in need.
And for every child who is helped with this program, the author will also donate some money.
There are two main characters in this program: Max and Elsa. The story of the program is about them learning how to count, add, subtract, multiply and divide. The counting and division skills are at different levels, and are the most important skills in the program.
By using the game engine, and guiding the children to make the correct moves, the program will get more and more difficult as they progress.
The children will learn the simplest way of doing things, and get more efficient and quicker as they play the games. The program includes:
* fun games to encourage the children to learn how to count, add, subtract, divide and multiply
* a game for ‘Red and White’ with cards where the children have to remember the colour cards they have to play, and also remember the rules
* a game for ‘Addition and Subtraction’ where the children can choose what they want to add or subtract and also to find out what the sum is
* a game for ‘Subtraction’ where the children can choose the number they want to subtract
* a game for ‘Addition’ where the children can choose what to add together
* a game for ‘Division’ and ‘Multiplication’ where the children can choose what to divide or multiply
* a game for ‘Red and White’, where the children can choose to play the game with or without the timer
* a children’s speaking clock that teaches the children to tell time
* a children’s calculator
This program can be used with children from 3 to 10 years old. Although it can be used with older children (

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Kids Tables and Time includes four main games that are designed to teach children to count, add, subtract, divide and tell the time.
They include over 100 different hands-on activities which means there is plenty of fun, but also enough challenging tasks for each player to maintain their focus and interest.
This educational software is available to play for free for just 30 minutes, or purchase a full license for long term use.
Kids Tables and Time feature a speaking clock that keeps time on its own without interrupting the game. This makes Kids Tables and Time perfect for home use, with game play extending the length of time the kids can spend learning.
Kids Tables and Time includes a simple calculator that parents or teachers can use to add easy calculations to Kids Tables and Time.
Multilingual support includes English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.
Kids Tables and Time can display different font options to suit the child’s colour vision
Includes an automatic download of games, as you start the computer. No need for additional software
Kids Tables and Time is a great educational tool for kids and teenagers, providing hours of interactive game play.
Compatible with all major operating systems: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.
Kids Tables and Time is available in a variety of languages. Available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.


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Kids Tables and Time is a fun and challenging educational kids table and time game that teaches your child to count, add, subtract, divide and much more. Simply click and play, and your child can learn all these skills at their own speed.
Each game has an easy to follow step by step strategy, so that your child is able to learn all the skills needed to learn all of the table and time concepts.
In addition to teaching your children how to count, add, subtract, divide and compute time, the game also includes a simple yet very intuitive speaking clock for children to become familiar with the need to know the time.
Game features:
• Four difficulty levels
• Multiple levels of challenge as your child progresses through the stages of learning
• Word recognition to assist with learning your child’s numbers
• Easy to play, yet challenging and entertaining, the game quickly becomes addictive, yet challenging, so there will be no need to play for more than 20 minutes at a time
• Cheerful and friendly child friendly cartoon characters that use simple, yet effective “speech” to teach your child numbers and operations
• Includes an interactive times table for every 12 numbers
• Includes an interactive calculator to encourage your child to become familiar with the use of basic mathematical functions.
• Animated game characters to help with visual recognition
• Speaking clock for children to become familiar with the concept of time
• A simple but very user friendly instructional manual to help you get the most from your new educational toy
• Includes a fast paced and entertaining bonus section on other skills children should know (counting in Spanish, mathematics, fractions)
• Includes a simple interactive calculator with multiple languages, including English, Spanish and French
• Fun Game Includes 5 free bonuses (2 games with interactive fun, 2 games with speaking clock and one
to test your skills)
• A great educational toy and the perfect gift for any child.
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What’s New in the Kids Tables And Time?

Easy for children to play and learn.
Guided by an interactive text-to-speech game, fun for both children and parents.
The games are set to a playground-like atmosphere. It is also suitable for children learning to read.
The words for all lessons and games have been specially chosen to be compatible with children’s speech recognition, with many additional learning messages tailored to your child’s reading level.

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