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Figure 2.2. Navigate to the folder that you want to save your RAW file in.

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But before I have more than an ideal place to begin, you’re going to have to learn how to open the program. The first thing you’ll do is install the desktop application on your computer. Download the installer and run it. The install process will download and install the basic application settings, but you’ll have to run the executable file to open it. Launch the.exe file you downloaded, and you should see Photoshop Elements loading. Take a moment to read the following installation instructions. If you have not used the software before, follow the Photoshop Elements setup wizard, and go through all of the options it asks you. After you have installed Photoshop Elements, launch it from the Start menu. The default location is Applications. If you have not logged into your Adobe account, you’ll be prompted to do so. Once you’re logged into your Adobe account, you’ll be able to access the software for the first time. The basic editing functions will be included in the first tabs of the desktop software. As you’re using the software, you may want to access additional editing features. You can download them from the Adobe website. Select the “Help” option in the bottom-right corner. Then, select the “Help” option in the bottom-right corner, and then select the “Explore” link. The “Explore” tab leads you to additional tools for the software. You can download the most popular ones to your computer from the Adobe Website. Look at the details of the tool you’re looking at, and you’ll see the package that makes it so. You can also find additional packages in the package manager on the software. Click on the “Help” menu option. Select the “Explore” link. Click the “Package” option. This opens a window that lists all available software packages for the software. You can also access the package manager directly from the “Help” menu item in the software. Continue exploring the software. Look at the tabs on the top of the application. Begin to familiarize yourself with the basic functions of the software. Open the “File” tab at the top of the application. You’ll see the traditional file management controls. You can organize your files 388ed7b0c7

Adobe Photoshop 2021 (version 22) Download

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1.1. 1. Select Rectangular Selection (press Alt and drag with your mouse). 2.2. 2. Resize (press Shift or use keyboard shortcuts). 3.3. 3. Copy (press Ctrl or use keyboard shortcuts). 4.4. 4. Paste (press Ctrl+V or use keyboard shortcuts). 5.5. 5. Adjust the size (press L and enter the new size). 6.6. 6. Keep original layer for Undo (press Ctrl+Z or use keyboard shortcuts). 7.7. 7. Replace original layer with copy (press Alt+T or use keyboard shortcuts). The Gradient Tool allows you to paint with a gradient. You can use this tool to create a gradient fill, or a gradient stroke. This tool is used to create an outline, or “strokes” effect. The Gradient Tool Is used to create a solid color, angle, or gradient fill in your image. The Gradient Tool Is used to create a solid color or gradient stroke. 1.1. 1. Click and drag the gradient tool (use the mouse to add and move colors). 2.2. 2. Click the box at the edge of the gradient to create a fill (Ctrl+F or use keyboard shortcuts). 3.3. 3. Change the color of the fill (Ctrl+], [, [, or use keyboard shortcuts). 4.4. 4. Click the box at the edge of the gradient to create a stroke (Ctrl+; or use keyboard shortcuts). 5.5. 5. Change the color of the stroke (Ctrl+0, [, ], [, or use keyboard shortcuts). 6.6. 6. Change the length of the stroke (use the slider or use keyboard shortcuts). 7.7. 7. Fill with gradient (Ctrl+] or use keyboard shortcuts). 8.8. 8. Stroke with gradient (Ctrl+9 or use keyboard shortcuts). 9.9. 9. Create a feather effect. 10.10. 10. Create a drop shadow. 11.11.

System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop 2021 (version 22):

• 64-bit compatible Intel x86 processor with SSE3 support • Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD or later • DirectX 9.0 compatible with Intel HD 4000 graphics • 4GB RAM • OS X version 10.8 or later (Mac OS X 10.9 or later recommended) Install Notes: To install the application and most of its component: Double-click the downloaded installer package to begin installation. Follow the installation instructions. On completing the installation, restart the computer and install the