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Adobe Photoshop is powerful and versatile, but a beginner could spend a whole lifetime with the tool. While there are literally dozens of tutorials to teach Photoshop (some in other languages) they are usually aimed at developers (who would benefit from learning basic Computer Graphics), while a beginner might want to do something quick and effective that will help his or her business’ image.

As such, we’ve compiled a list of the 50 Best Photoshop Tutorials on the web. Click on any of the links below and get started with a basic Photoshop lesson in no time.

50. Best Photoshop tutorials series

While most tutorials simply teach you a function or feature of Photoshop, the Best Photoshop tutorials series teaches how to create a complete image, from concept to completion.

This series is well-done and in many cases is more interesting than what you’ll find in a basic tutorial. Rather than trying to teach you how to cut and paste, it dives into more complex concepts like Design, Strategy, and Storytelling.

Learn to create realistic images of architecture, landscapes and models. Learn step by step how to make a field trip memorable using Photoshop. Learn about color theory and how to manage grayscale images.

This one is a great series of tutorials, focused on Photoshop’s Illustrator functionality that lets you draw with vectors, meaning that you could have an idea and then build from it with a series of layers.

Fiverr (like other “gigs”) offers a great flexible way for people to complete small tasks online, but with the option to buy products or services from Fiverr’s community of freelancers. You will have to sign up as a freelancer and connect your bank account to your Fiverr account, but once that’s done, you can complete small jobs on the site and can scale up your work as you want.

Here you’ll find 20 Photoshop tutorials and tutorials that teach you basic Photoshop skills. These tutorials are easy to use and can help you save time and boost your skills.

This is an organized, introductory Photoshop tutorial that teaches you how to edit and manipulate the image in both natural and artistic ways. Plus, after completing the tutorial, you can download and play with the digital paper you created.

This is a tutorial for those who want to learn Photoshop with just a few clicks. Not an expert, but also not a beginner. However, the first few lessons will teach you how to select objects and move

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If you are thinking of buying Photoshop for the first time, it’s a smart idea to first learn the basic features of Photoshop, the tools you’ll need, and the pre-installed features in Elements.

Before you get started, let’s quickly go over what Photoshop Elements is, how it differs from the traditional version and why you might be interested in using Elements.

What is Photoshop Elements?

Elements is a photography and graphic design software for both professionals and beginners. It has the same powerful tools, such as several layers and paths, the same selection tools, and the ability to edit in all pixel and vector units, with the same results.

The difference between the two versions is the UI. Elements is divided into a ton of categories.

The following are two of the main elements.

Effect tabs (above left)

(above left) History tab (above right)

Elements is equipped with more than 50 built-in effects and some old-skool filters. You can find a detailed list of these effects and filters on the Elements Help page.

The aim of these built-in effects is to help you achieve more creative and artistic results, according to Adobe. You can customize your own effects, filters and themes.

A palette of many classic, modern and futuristic effects, filters and presets (left)

(left) Easily access all of Photoshop Elements’ tools (right)

The main difference between the software is that you don’t have to go to the menu to access tools, you’ll get to them directly on the side.

They’re also color-coded.

For example, the image below shows the adjustment layers on the left and the layers palette on the right.

To open a new photo, press Ctrl+N to open the New (or File > New), and then click the Create a New Document option, as shown below.

Creating a new document (left) and Edit > Create New Adjustment Layer (right)

For an explanation of the different color meanings, refer to the Colors section of this article.

Speaking of layer, you need to create a new layer before you can edit it.

The Create New Layer dialog allows you to name a new layer, in the same color code as the tool for the layer.

The Create New Layer dialog (left) and the

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